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We have over one hundred years of scouting history in this country. Unfortunately, we also have a history of abuse occurring in such organisations. For many boys and girls, the Scouts and other youth groups have provided invaluable experiences and happy memories whilst growing up. Such organisations have however provided the perfect setting for those that are intent on abusing children and young people away from the family home and the supervision of parents. We have dealt with numerous cases involving abuse by Scoutmasters who have committed abuse against many children over many decades.

How do I claim compensation for abuse I have suffered in the Scouts?

We will guide you through the civil compensation claims process if you have been abused by a Scoutmaster or other leader. Your claim would be brought against the Scout Association. You will need to prove on the balance of probabilities that the abuse occurred and where the abuse happened many years ago your solicitor will gather the evidence needed to demonstrate to the court why you should be allowed to bring your claim out of time. Such claims usually need to be brought by your 21st birthday. We have dealt with many claims against the Scouts and generally, the Association and their legal teams want to deal with the claims sensitively and without having to take the claims through the complicated and costly court process.

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Can I claim compensation if I was abused in a different youth group?

Yes, it does not matter what size the organisation is or what activities it organised. There are dozens and dozens of clubs and organisations for children and young people operating in England and Wales today. Some are less known than others, but some examples include:

  • Guides and Brownies
  • Cadets
  • Boys Brigade
  • Young Farmers
  • Council youth clubs
  • Camping Club Youth
  • The Woodcraft Fold
  • British Youth Council
  • Young Kennel Club
  • Junior Red Cross
  • Youth Hostel Association
  • Boys and Girls clubs

Find out what you could claim if you were abused at a youth group by using our organisational sexual abuse compensation claims calculator.

How will I fund my claim?

We are able to offer our clients "no-win no-fee" agreements. If you win your case, the majority of your legal costs will also be paid by the defendant, the person you are claiming against. If your claim is unsuccessful and you do not recover any compensation, there will be no fee at all to pay.

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Will my case remain confidential?

Yes. As solicitors, we are bound by our professional rules of conduct and our duties to you as our client to ensure the details of your claim remain confidential and any documentation is held securely. If documents or personal information has to be disclosed to those involved in your claim, such as a medical expert or a barrister we will not do so without your consent.

In cases of sexual abuse and assault, you are also protected by the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2002 which prevents the media and journalists from deliberately or carelessly identifying survivors of sexual abuse without their consent.