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Workplace accidents


If you are involved in an accident that was not your fault you have a right to be compensated for any resulting injury or other loss.  Winston Solicitors LLP are a Leeds based solicitors who are here to help you obtain that compensation.

Practical tips

  1. Report the accident in the accident book at work
  2. Take names and addresses of any witnesses to the accident or immediate aftermath
  3. Take photographs and make a sketch plan
  4. Keep any evidence from the scene
  5. Consult your doctor immediately if you have suffered injuries
  6. Keep a note and evidence of all your financial losses
  7. Claim any welfare benefits that may be available
  8. Seek legal advice

The law

Click here for law specific to Workplace Accidents

Claiming against your employers

Employees are sometimes reluctant to sue their employers. They think it could cause a lot of hassle and embarrassment and might even cost them their job. However the law requires employers to have an insurance policy in place to pay out compensation in the event of any claim. It is not the employers who pay out accident compensation but the insurers. Winston Solicitors LLP will ensure that your claim progresses as smoothly as possible.

If your injury occurred whilst you were at work, please contact us today to see if you have the right to claim compensation.

Further information

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