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end of furlough sept 2021

Posted on 30 September 2021

What happens at the end of furlough?

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Furlough ends today, 30 September 2021 - no more extensions. Will this lead to more redundancies? Nearly 600 United Airlines employees face being fired after failing to comply with the firm's Covid-19 vaccination policy. The vast majority of its 67,000 US staff have supplied proof of vaccination, which was required by Monday. "This was an incredibly difficult decision," its bosses said in a memo to employees. The Chicago-based airline set out its Covid requirements for staff in August. Its US employees had to upload proof of vaccination, or the first of two jabs, by the deadline on Monday. The 593 workers who have refused a coronavirus vaccine and have not applied for an exemption on religious or medical grounds now face losing their jobs.

Could this happen in the UK?

We have yet to see such a bold move in the UK but it is a hot topic in the workplace and will doubtless continue to be on the agenda for some time to come. Objection on the grounds of religious or philosophical belief could give rise to claims of discrimination, the like of which we have not seen previously. Watch this space!

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