Commercial Mortgages

Whether you are an individual or small business buying your premises with the aid of a commercial mortgage, a company director guaranteeing a loan to the business or an expanding business raising finance against the security of your premises, we are here to help. If you are a borrower, we have the experience to complete your mortgage quickly whilst ensuring you fully understand all your obligations. As a commercial lender we recognise that you will also want a prompt and efficient service, whilst not compromising on the quality and thoroughness of the legal due diligence provided.

Our expertise includes:

  1. Commercial mortgages and refinancing commercial property
  2. Legal charges
  3. Debentures
  4. Loan agreements and facility letters
  5. Personal Guarantees
  6. Bridging finance
  7. Development funding
  8. Third party security
  9. Reports on title
  10. Independent legal advice to spouses

We specialise in commercial property transactions and understand the importance to you of the commitment you are making, whether that be as a borrower, lender or guarantor.


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