Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation

Our Civil Litigation team covers a comprehensive range of litigation cases including contract claims for all courts, professional liability claims, debt recovery and Insolvency.

We also have a specialist Landlord and Tenancy service, for Landlord Disputes and evictions. 

As business has, in recent years, become more sophisticated with ever-increasing regulation, the explosion of the internet, and globalisation, so dispute resolution has changed accordingly.

Our service is efficient and tenacious and we are driven by results for our clients. These can be achieved by negotiation, mediation or by proceedings through the civil courts. We are comfortable with whichever approach is required.

However, resolution through negotiation is not always possible, and where necessary, we are comfortable pursuing claims vigorously for our client through the courts. Our team of experienced lawyers are happy to advise and represent on a full range of legal disputes, whether through negotiation, or through litigation in the County Court, the High Court, and the Employment Tribunal, whether individual or corporation, big or small.

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