We offer a no win no fee sexual abuse compensation claims service if you have been the victim of such an offence. Skip to main content

As specialist abuse lawyers we can offer to act on a no-win no fee basis. The legal term for this is a Conditional Fee Agreement, but it basically means that if your claim is not successful and damages are not recovered you will not be asked to pay any legal fees at all.

If your claim is successful, the opponent in your case will pay your legal costs as well as your damages.

Our online institutional sexual abuse compensation calculator will give you an idea of what compensation you could be entitled to claim.

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A no win no fee agreement is the usual method of funding your abuse compensation claim. There may be the option of funding your claim through legal expenses insurance, perhaps if you are a member of a trade union. Private funding can also be offered, but this isn’t usually the best option as it means that you take the risk of being out of pocket if your claim is not successful.

Under a no win no fee agreement solicitors usually also charge a success fee, which is payable out of damages if you win your case but which will be no more than 25%. This is something that your solicitor will discuss with you at the outset.

No expensive insurance premiums for our clients.

Many solicitors also advise that you take out an insurance policy to accompany your no win no fee agreement which will cover you against any adverse costs if you lose your case. Whilst your own solicitor will not charge you anything, there may be other costs which cannot be written off such as payment to a medical expert or court fees. Insurance premiums for abuse claims can be high and have to be taken out of your damages at the end of the case. At Winston Solicitors we think this is unfair, so in most cases we will cover this risk for you and avoid the need to take out an expensive insurance policy.

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