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  • To take the oath means to swear to the truth of what is written by you, or said by you, on either the bible or other religious book of your faith i.e. “I swear by Almighty God that this is my name and handwriting and the contents of this statement are true”.

  • An Order of the Court granting you the right to occupy a property to the exclusion of your husband or wife.

  • Any person who lives at the property but will not be signing the mortgage deed will be asked to consent to the mortgage being taken out and agree to move out if the mortgagee takes possession due to the default of the mortgage

  • When an advisor is assisting you behind the scenes, but will not communicate with the other party and/or represent you at a hearing.

  • The person who has committed an offence.

  • These are official copies of the Land Registers sent to the buyer’s solicitors to prove the seller’s title to the property.

  • Your advisor is officially representing you. They are likely to write and receive letters on your behalf and represent you at any hearings (unless they have specifically stated otherwise).

  • Notices given by the employment tribunal instructing one or both parties to do certain tasks, or advise of key dates in relation to the case.