Speeding drivers

Speeding drivers

New figures compiled by LV following freedom of information requests to police forces have revealed that last year saw five drivers who were caught while travelling at over twice the maximum speed limit.

The figures also identified which roads in the country were most prone to speeding and reported one instance of a man stopped after travelling at a speed of 152mph on his motor bike on the A27 in Sussex. Two cars were stopped on the A90 in Scotland while speeding at 149mph and 141mph respectively.

According to the statistics it is straight stretches of A roads which are most at risk of this sort of driving rather than motorways with seven of the ten worst speeding cases being committed on these roads. Police also reported that the number of speeding offences in 2011 was up six percent on the previous year.

LV managing director John O’Roarke said there was a world of difference between drivers who stray a few miles over the limit and those who drive dangerously at high speeds. Edmund King, AA president added that the data reflected the fact, not that there are dangerous roads, but reckless drivers.