Online abuse, including sexting, online grooming, revenge porn, and cyberbullying, can occur on social media and other online platforms, and children and young people are particularly vulnerable. If you or someone you know has suffered online abuse, contact our expert abuse claims solicitors for advice on how to pursue a compensation claim and report the abuse to the police. Skip to main content

What do we mean by online abuse?

With the increased use of social media and the availability of online technology, there comes the risk of these platforms being used to commit crimes, including sexual abuse and assault. There are many types of recognised online abuse such as sexting, online grooming, revenge porn and cyberbullying. Children and young people are particularly vulnerable and while parents and carers are reminded to keep a check on their children’s social media and online usage it can be very difficult and those who set out to abuse in this way can be difficult to detect. Adults are also vulnerable to online abuse, both from strangers and those that they know.

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Do I have a claim for online abuse I have suffered?

The civil compensation claims process is still developing in this area and our specialist team already have a great deal of experience in advising and pursuing claims for online abuse. If you or someone you know has suffered online abuse of any form you can call our expert abuse claims solicitors on and they will be able to advise you further.

What are the types of online abuse?

  • Revenge porn.
    The sharing and distribution of images and videos of you without your consent and with the intention of causing you harm or distress
  • Sexting.
    The sharing of sexual images by mobile phone.
  • Cyberflashing.
    Sharing images by electronic devices without consent.
  • Sextortion.
    Threats to use sexual images or videos of you as blackmail to obtain money or sexual favours.  
  • Grooming and sexual exploitation.
    Technology, phones and other devices can be used as tools for grooming.

How can I report online abuse?

Most forms of online abuse will also amount to a crime and matters should be reported to the police. Most online platforms also have the facility to report abuse happening through their website, forum or platform and you should also do this.

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What can I do to protect my child from online abuse?

Children and young people are particularly vulnerable. It can be very difficult for adults with teenage children to keep track of their online activity. Whilst many internet sites and tools have parental controls, it is impossible to know exactly who they may be interacting with or talking to. New social media platforms are appearing all the time and many parents are totally unaware of these and how they work.

Childline has some useful information and advice on its website. There are also guides available for parents, including guides on how to talk to your children about online abuse.