One man and his dog

One man and his dog

It might sound more Country File than Top of the Pops. But not if the man in question is Sir Paul McCartney and the dog is his beloved Old English Sheepdog Martha who are the subject of a photograph generously donated to Winston Solicitors last week by Barry Henson.

The photograph, taken in the summer of 1968 by Henson, shows the classic bond between man and man’s best friend and was snapped when Sir Paul was in Saltaire, Bradford, recording ‘Thingumy’ and ‘Yellow Submarine’ with the Black Dyke Mills Band who were recording their first single under a new label.

IP and IT law

If you are setting up an online business we can advise you on the legal requirements for the information to be contained on your site, as well as the all important terms and conditions for its use, content licensing, privacy policies, and hosting arrangements.

We also can assist you with software licensing, maintenance and support and source code escrow agreements.

We are also very familiar with licensing and transfer of know how, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights.

Legal services for older people

It is wise for people to plan ahead and set out what they would like to happen should they one day become unable to make decisions for themselves.

Our services

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document which enables someone who has capacity and is over 18 (the Donor) to select another person or persons (Attorney(s)) to make decisions on behalf of the Donor.

If no LPA is in place, it may be necessary to apply for a Deputyship application.

Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation

Our Civil Litigation team covers a comprehensive range of litigation cases including contract claims for all courts, professional liability claims, debt recovery and Insolvency.

As business has, in recent years, become more sophisticated with ever-increasing regulation, the explosion of the internet, and globalisation, so dispute resolution has changed accordingly.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (‘LPA’) is a legal document which allows a person to appoint someone they trust (the ‘Attorney’) to make decisions for them when they no longer have the mental capacity to make them themselves. An LPA has to be made while the person concerned (the ‘Donor’) still has the mental capacity to give their consent to handing over their affairs.


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Reintroduction of employment tribunal fees?

In a surprising announcement, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has confirmed that it may reintroduce fees for employment tribunal claims.  This would be a surprising U-turn by the government which was criticised for its tribunal fee structure which was introduced in 2013.  The fee structure was decl

Inheritance tax changes

The recent Budget saw the Chancellor announce reforms to Inheritance Tax rules which were widely expected following the Conservative Party’s General Election victory.  Currently, a married couple are able to access allowances of £325,000 each, which can be doubled up and applied as a single allow

Grandmother with Grandchild

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