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Stacey Flegg

Stacey joined Winston Solicitors in July 2020 as a Litigation Lawyer in the Criminal Injuries department.

Stacey has over 7 years experience of obtaining compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority to help innocent victims of violent crime; she specialises in serious assault, sexual abuse, domestic violence and historical abuse claims. 

Stacey has in many cases secured higher settlements for her clients by claiming for psychological injury, lost earnings and special expenses. Stacey also provides advocacy for Criminal Injury Appeals.

"Being the victim of a violent crime is something we can never really prepare ourselves for; we don't think it will happen to us. So, if it does, it can be life changing, and claiming compensation can seem like a very daunting experience.  

I am so passionate about helping my clients get back on track after their trauma that I pride myself on making the claims process as painless as possible. Nothing makes me prouder than being able to bring some justice to my clients."

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