Tenancy deposit scheme calculator

Tenancy deposit scheme compensation calculator

It is important that when a deposit is paid to a landlord by a tenant or a third party of the tenant’s behalf, the landlord must comply with the rules and regulations put on them by statutory obligations. In the vent a landlord fails to do so this can result in a financial claim being made against the landlord by the tenant.

Where a landlord is deemed to have failed to comply with the statutory obligations then a court can award the tenant up to 4 times the deposit amount. Therefore, this can prove very costly to a landlord.

To calculate what you as a landlord may potential be ordered to pay to a tenant should you fail to comply with your statutory obligations enter the deposit amount in the calculator below.

Please enter the depostit amount paid to the landlord

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* This calculator is meant as a guide only and individual circumstances can effect compensation amount. Contact us to discuss details of your case.

Please note, the court’s are very strict on this issue.

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