Celebrating International Women's Day 2017

Celebrating International Women's Day 2017 at Winston Solicitors

In celebration of International Women's Day 2017 we asked our female strong workforce about their own celebrations. 

The questions that got everyone's mind working were: what is your (or one of your) greatest achievements and, looking to the future - what is your ambition?

Looking through everyone's answers proves what a diverse and strong group of women we have in our Winston Solicitors team. We feel it is important to recognise and celebrate achievements. Travel, careers and family seemed to be common themes.

Anna: Greatest achievement - getting an A in a level maths. I failed the mock and my teacher told me I was going to fail the actual exam.  I remember thinking in that moment I'm either going to fail or I can show her.....I chose the latter. Ambition - I'm walking 1000 miles throughout this year to raise money for SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) - finishing that at the moment feels ambitious!!! 

Amanda: I worked abroad for a short period of time and I'd like learn to speak Hebrew better.

Katrina: Becoming a partner . . . and I'd like to retire!

Anon: Bringing up two children and having four beautiful grandchildren. To live long enough to be a great grandma!

Leonie: Conquering a fear of dogs and I'd like to learn to play the drums.

Sam: I'm proud of getting a promotion, and learning to love peas. I'd like to stop smoking.

Camilla: Directing my first play in February 2014 which was translated from German by my close friend and learning to drive.

Elissa: Retraining in a new career to become a family mediator. I'd like to learn Italian.

Lakhvinder: I have completed my business admin apprenticeship and passed my driving test. I would like to learn how to decorate cakes.

Kate: Becoming a mother and I'd like to learn to dance (Strictly here I come . . .)

Emma: Getting married and I'd like to learn reflexology one day.



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