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Robert was awarded £3,300 in compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme when he reported a work colleague who had been repeatedly groping him and touching him inappropriately.

Robert worked in retail and a colleague seemed to like him from day one on the job. Whenever they were in a part of the store with no customers, or in the stockroom together with no one else this colleague would make sexual comments and advances. He would often squeeze Robert’s bottom and then this developed to him pushing his hands into Robert’s shorts.

Robert reported this to his manager and to the police. Other colleagues had noticed and some of the incidents had been picked up on the store CCTV.

Due to the CCTV evidence the case went to court quickly and Robert thought he would be able to move on after the guilty verdict, however he still found himself stuck dwelling on the events. He was pleased to be able to use the compensation award to pay for some private counselling without the need for lengthy NHS waiting lists.

He used solicitors to make the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme claim so they would deal with the process for him and provide him with advice on how to achieve the best outcome in the best time.

He was pleased with the award of £3,300 which represents a pattern of repetitive sexual touching under clothes under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme and with the work done by the solicitors to make the claims process straight forward and stress free.