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Posted on: 06/08/2018
The right legal documents will help your business get off to a great start

There are many issues to consider when setting up a business, including getting your ‘paperwork’ in order. Statutory rules, known as Model Articles, are commonly applied to companies and cover...

Posted on: 28/06/2018
How to protect your business if a director dies

If a director/shareholder of a small company dies, this can cause considerable problems. It can, for instance, result in disruption and unwanted interference in the business of the deceased...

Posted on: 27/06/2018
Safeguarding issues when working with children or vulnerable adults

We are noticing a rise in employment cases where an employee is reported to the...

Posted on: 23/06/2018
Social media outside of the workplace

QUESTION: What do a pair of binoculars and an errant footballer have in common?

ANSWER: They may both lead to a dismissal.

Football fans watching the World...

Posted on: 20/06/2018
Set up a Life Interest Will Trust to protect inheritance

Have you thought about protecting your children's inheritance? You may question why you may need to, but certain life events may mean that your children miss out on the inheritance you intend to pass to...

Posted on: 07/06/2018
Preserve family wealth and inheritance

There are various ways you can financially plan ahead to ensure an...

Posted on: 06/06/2018
Watching football at work

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Football World Cup will take place in Russia between Thursday 14 June and Sunday 15 July 2018. Football match times in the UK will vary between 1pm and 8pm.


Posted on: 21/05/2018
dress code policies at work

No doubt in the wake of the recent spate of cases of alleged sexual harassment, both historic and otherwise, the...

Posted on: 17/04/2018
calculating redundancy compensation

In the wake of the announcement that around one third of Vauxhall dealerships are expected to close under plans by its...

Posted on: 28/03/2018
Understanding the Differences between an Advance Decision (Living Will) and a Health and Welfare Power of Attorney

An Advance Decision, often referred to as a Living Will, is a decision you are able to make in advance, to refuse a specific type of treatment at some time in the future. The treatment you decide to refuse...