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Posted on: 14/08/2019
How to help your children through your divorce

That moment when your parents sit you down and tell you they're getting divorced. 

How does a child feel when their parents get divorced?

How does a child feel when parents ...

Posted on: 01/08/2019
New born baby and parents breastfeeding week 2019

You may be going through a roller-coaster of emotions whilst you are pregnant and as a new mother....

Posted on: 10/07/2019
Social media and the workplace - checking phone at work

Social media in business can bring a multitude of benefits. Promotions and advertising. The sharing of thought and views. Boosting profile and publicity. The list goes on.

Used effectively, social...

Posted on: 10/07/2019
Child and grandfather holding hands - symbolising passing on wealth to the next generation

Family trusts...

Posted on: 05/07/2019
Sad boy sits alone - Dark Money BBC drama about a family affect by sexual assault on son

The BBC drama series "Dark Money" starts on Monday 8th July. The series tells the story of an ordinary family who discover that their...

Posted on: 20/06/2019
Tips to ensure your will is valid

Make sure your will is properly executed

When you are making a...

Posted on: 20/06/2019
Should I make a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Are you wondering if you should make a Lasting Power of Attorney?


Posted on: 09/05/2019
The importance of appointing a guardian in your will

Yes, it’s an awful thought, let alone to say out loud, but who would care for your children if you died?

If your children are under the age of 18, have you thought about making sure your...

Posted on: 09/05/2019
discrimination at work because you are Vegan

A recent survey has suggested that almost half of vegan employees feel...

Posted on: 01/05/2019
You can choice your Islamic Divorce Panel

After dealing with Islamic Divorce matters for many...