The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) may offer compensation to qualifying relatives of a victim of violent crime who has died. The CICA can make payments for bereavement, children, and dependency, as well as towards funeral expenses. Witnesses or those involved in the immediate aftermath of the incident may also be entitled to compensation for physical or mental injuries. Skip to main content

Applying for compensation where someone has died

In some very unfortunate circumstances, a victim of a crime of violence may lose their life due to their injuries. This can happen immediately (at the scene of the crime) or this can happen weeks or months later. If you are a qualifying relative of the deceased, you may be entitled to compensation for the loss of your loved one.

We understand that no amount of money will ever compensate for the loss of a family member but financial assistance may be available to you to help lessen the worries of what is required after your loved one has died.

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Compensation may also be available to you if you have also sustained physical or mental injuries as a result of the criminal incident or if you were involved in the immediate aftermath of the crime. 

How can I claim for the loss of a loved one?

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A qualifying relative is defined as either a parent of the deceased, a child of the deceased, or a spouse or civil partner, whom lived with the deceased prior to their death. If you were not married but were the partner of the deceased and lived together for more than 2 years immediately prior to their death; you would also be eligible for compensation.

There are three types of payments available under the CICA scheme; a bereavement payment, a child’s payment (for any children of the deceased) and a dependency payment. Dependency payments will be made where it can be shown that you were financially dependant on the deceased before they died; this again also applies to children of the deceased.

The CICA can also make payments towards funeral expenses.

If you are the parents, a child, or the partner of the deceased you may be entitled to compensation. There is no limit to the number of qualifying relatives who can claim under the current scheme.

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In these circumstances, you may still be eligible to claim. As long as we are able to obtain a report from the police which confirms that your loved one was the innocent victim of a violent crime, and the medical evidence confirms that their injuries were the cause of their death; this should be sufficient to satisfy the CICA’s criteria for compensation.

If you have sustained either physical or mental injuries as a result of being a witness to the criminal incident, or if you were involved in the immediate aftermath of the incident; you may be entitled to compensation for your own injuries. Please call out claim’s expert on 0113 320 5000 to discuss the same.

The CICA can make a payment of £2500.00 to cover the basic costs of the funeral. If the funeral costs are likely to exceed this amount, the CICA can make a further payment of £2500.00 in respect of additional funeral expenses, reasonably incurred. These additional expenses will require receipts to be remunerated.

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You may be able to claim compensation as a secondary victim; depending on your own injuries. If you have witnessed a criminal incident where another person sustained injuries; or you were involved in the immediate aftermath of a criminal incident; you may be entitled to compensation for psychological trauma as a result.