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Most employers will have a basic contract of employment or document setting out terms and conditions. They may also have a disciplinary procedure. However, it is helpful to have other policies and procedures to deal with a variety of situations.

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Policies and procedures for your business

These can range from a single page document to an encyclopaedia and it is sometimes frustrating for employers to have to get to grips with long documents which are not always easy to follow.

To assist employers, our Leeds solicitors have a directory of the main policies which you are likely to need in any business and these can be implemented and followed very quickly whether you are a fully qualified HR professional or a line manager with responsibility for these matters.

Use HR guides that are:

  • Easy to read and follow – contain the essential points
  • Up to date
  • Clear guidelines where necessary
  • They work in practice and have been used

Employment policies for business:

  1. Disciplinary and capability
  2. Redundancy (we have a range of materials on redundancy to assist employers through this minefield)
  3. Absence management
  4. Equal opportunities
  5. Harassment and bullying
  6. Whistleblowing
  7. Grievances
  8. Holidays
  9. Maternity and other related policies
  10. Social media
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How to build the right policies and procedures for your business

We are happy to supply you with any one of these policies entirely free of charge and if you wish to see an example please contact us and we will send this to you. If you are happy with this and wish to see the full set, then we would be happy to oblige and would agree a fixed fee with you.

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