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Can I claim compensation for abuse when I was a child?

Yes you can even if it was many years ago. In fact any sexual abuse suffered after 1965 which has been reported to the police can be considered for compensation.

Speak to our criminal injuries claim team, call 0113 320 5000

But I have not reported the abuse to the police

That’s fine. You do need to report it before a claim can be made, but you do not need to worry that the abuse you intend reporting occurred many years ago. Hopefully the person that abused you is still alive, so the police will be able to interview them, but even if they are not, the police should still interview you.

How will the police handle my historic abuse?

Surprisingly well. We always suggest contacting the police first to say you wish to report a historic abuse matter. That way they will usually have appropriately trained officers present to take down your statement. Feedback from our clients especially over the last 3 years has on the whole been positive about how sensitively and well their statement has been dealt with.

I reported the abuse many years ago but have not made a claim.

Don’t worry, speak to our specialist childhood abuse solicitors on 0113 320 5000 or email and we will be able to explain how a claim can be made. It’s a bit more complicated, but with our experience we will be able to tell you quickly if a claim can be made.

I’m worried that applying for compensation will bring back bad memories

By using a specialist solicitor, they will act for you and ensure that you deal with matters in your own time. The CICA does have mechanisms in place to give victims more time, and we use these where appropriate. Of course if you would prefer the claim to be dealt with as quickly as possible, a solicitor will be able to move your claim on as they are used to communicating with the CICA on a daily basis.

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So I’d like to claim, but how long will it take?

Claims timescales do differ considerably. The CICA indicate claims are often dealt with in a year. Actually our experience is that this not accurate. There are cases that are dealt with very quickly, literally within a few months, and others that take more than 2 years. We know which cases are dealt with quickly and which much more slowly, so just ask – call 0113 320 5000 or email