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Most businesses will need to borrow more money at some point.  Banks supply standard documents for this purpose and we are experienced in dealing with most forms of bank lending.

The owners of a business may wish to inject loan capital rather than equity.  In these cases the owners should consider taking security for the monies lent.

We also have experience in acting for private lenders who wish to lend to a business for a specific project or more generally.  In these cases, it is necessary to understand the extent to which the funding can be “ring fenced” from other lending and what security is to be provided.  In the case of equity funding, you may wish to invest in a company as a shareholder but on the basis that your investment is kept separate from the founder shareholders.  The methods of achieving this can be complicated.  We can help you through these processes and are experienced in liaising with accountants, tax advisers and the other professionals involved in such transactions.

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