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If your employee has made a complaint, our *flowchart can be used as a guide on how you could deal with the situation. grievance procedure flowchart

*This flow chart is intended for guidance purposes only and should not be used without taking legal advice

Stage 1

Employee raises an informal grievance

Stage 2

Have an informal meeting with the employee. Try to address their complaint. Keep a record of what was discussed at the meeting.

Is the matter resolved?

  • Yes? No further action required
  • No? Move on to Stage 3

Stage 3

Ask the employee if they wish to raise a formal grievance. Advise where to find the company’s grievance procedure (this should be located in your company handbook and should as a minimum follow the ACAS code of Conduct on Disciplinary and Grievance procedures.)

Investigate the employee’s complaint.

Stage 4

Write to the employee and invite to a grievance hearing.

Hold the meeting.

Stage 4B

If required: If any further complaints are raised, carry out further investigations.

Stage 5

Write to the employee with the outcome to advise whether their grievance is upheld. Advise the employee of their right to appeal.

Is the grievance upheld?

  • Yes? Take steps to address their concerns/complaint. Ensure all records of grievance is held on the employees personnel file
  • No? Employee does not appeal. No further action is required.
Stage 5B

Employee appeals. Write to employee and invite to an appeal hearing.

Stage 6

Notify outcome of appeal in writing