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What does "CICA" stand for?

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government agency in the UK that provides compensation to victims of violent crimes.

It operates under the Ministry of Justice and is designed to compensate individuals who have suffered physical or mental injury as a result of violent crime when they cannot claim compensation from other sources, such as the perpetrator.

The scheme helps victims who have experienced various forms of violence, including assault, sexual abuse, and other crimes, offering financial support to aid their recovery.


It’s a taxpayer funded government organisation based in Glasgow that pays compensation to victims of crime who are eligible under their scheme. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme was last revised in 2012. Schemes usually change every 5 to 7 years, but recently the government has not been making new legislation due to Brexit.

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Is it easy to obtain compensation?

The simple answer is no. Why is that? Whilst its original intentions were honourable when it was set up in 1965, over the years the scheme has become much more limited and much stricter in how it applies its rules.

We call the scheme, a scheme of ‘last resort’. It’s better than nothing, but often its rules are applied to prevent claims most people would think are eligible. We always recommend having a free chat with a Solicitor, who specialises in CICA claims. Our number is 0113 320 5000 if you’d like to call me, or email on cica@winstonsolicitors.co.uk

In a word, money. As with most government departments it does not have enough money, so needs to find ways to save it. We mentioned the current scheme is from 2012, the schemes before this, which were 2008 and 2001, paid compensation for bruising, all scars and injuries such as black eyes and broken nose. The 2012 does not, save for domestic violence claims where there is an accumulation of injuries over a period of time. An assault which caused black eyes in 2008 would receive £1,000 compensation, whereas today the CICA will decline it. Complaints can be made to the CICA but are often rejected due the their strict guidelines.

It’s better to apply to the CICA scheme knowing you should be eligible, than simply expecting or hoping you are eligible. So speak to an expert first, we will be able to advise you whether your injuries will qualify under the current CICA scheme and how much you are likely to be awarded.

Our CICA compensation calculator can give you a guide as to what compensation you may be entitled to claim.

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This is our top 5 reasons the CICA reject a claim

  1. The assault was not reported to the police
  2. Whilst you reported the assault to the police you subsequently decided to withdraw your statement or you chose not to press charges
  3. You have previous criminal convictions which are not spent under the CICA scheme
  4. Your injuries are not eligible under the scheme
  5. You do not have the medical evidence to prove your injuries continue to cause you pain (e.g. sprained ankle, frozen shoulder)

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