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I was out with friends on a night out, more people kept arriving and I did not know all of them. One of the guys when had arrived later came straight up to me and accused me of being my cousin. Apparently the had argued about a girl weeks ago, I did not know the details.

I just kept telling him he had made a mistake and it was not me, but he got more and more angry.

He suddenly started hitting me, and I tried to get away, but stumbled and fell over. Whilst I was down on the ground, he kept kicking me until people pulled him off me.

He ran off out of the bar, and I realised I could not stand up I had so much pain in my ankle.

The bar staff called an ambulance, but they said it would be hours, so my friend drove me to hospital instead. The x-rays showed my ankle was broken.

When I got back home, I called the police to report the assault and I had to take time off work sick.

I had so many problems with my ankle, and after multiple surgeries the consultant said it was never going to get fully better.

I was awarded £11,000 for a fractured ankle with long term damage by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.