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Client background

We were approached by Jessica (not her real name), a 30-year-old woman from Leeds, who bravely decided to seek legal redress for the childhood abuse she suffered.

Jessica was sexually abused from the ages of 12 to 15 by a family member, a situation that left deep psychological scars and affected her adult life.

Challenges encountered

The main challenge in Jessica's case was the elapsed time since the abuse, raising concerns about the statute of limitations. Additionally, Jessica was understandably apprehensive about revisiting her traumatic experiences, a common issue for many survivors of childhood abuse.

Winston Solicitors' approach

Our experienced team provided Jessica with a supportive and understanding environment, essential for clients dealing with such delicate matters.

We took time to ensure Jessica was comfortable, clearly explaining the legal process and her options, especially focusing on the path to claiming through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

We diligently worked with Jessica to compile a robust body of evidence, including police reports, medical records and reports including comprehensive psychological assessments that demonstrated the lasting impact of the abuse.

Our team skillfully navigated the complexities of the CICA claim process, advocating firmly for Jessica's entitlement to compensation.


Jessica's case reached a successful conclusion with her being awarded a compensation of £27,000.00. This significant amount acknowledged the period of abuse Jessica suffered and the permanent emotional and psychological scars she was left with as a result.


Jessica’s case highlights the critical role of skilled legal assistance in child abuse compensation claims. At Winston Solicitors, our commitment to providing empathetic, client-focused legal services is unwavering. Jessica's story is a testament to the courage of abuse survivors and the effectiveness of dedicated legal support in their journey towards justice, closure, and healing.

Our dedication to our clients’ welfare and rights remains our top priority, as we continue to support those seeking to overcome the challenges of past abuses.