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Office dress code proves popular amongst millennials

Office dress code proves popular amongst millennials

Dress code policy

Dress code policies have hit the headlines recently so here at Winston Solicitors we decided to conduct our own research amongst millennials. Also known as Generation Y - this group are approximately born early 1980's to the start of 2000. This group is the next generation of clients, employers and employees.

Interesting, our researched showed that 82% of generation Y welcomed dress code policies in the working environment.

This is also backed up the fact that they are happy to adhere to a workplace dress code. Of those questioned, the majority agreed that dress code policies were appropriate in most workplace environments. More than 60% revealed that observing their company's dress code policy helped them to feel 'professional', reputable' and 'motivated'

Businesses are increasingly taking an informal approach to certain aspects of their day, such as using Skype for meetings, space sharing, hot desking and providing staff with flexible working hours. Even with such informalities in place, the study confirmed that a dress code policy still has a positive role in the workplace.

We concluded that the findings are actually very interesting and proved that there is a need for employers to ensure that their own dress code policies are appropriate for the employee and employer.

Society and attitudes change over time, so it is important for employers to adapt and revise their policies based on new and updated employee rights and staff satisfaction to avoid employee disputes that may arise.

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*Survey based on a sample of 60 respondents