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5 things you should to know about making a Lasting Power of Attorney

Reasons why you should make an Lasting Power of Attorney LPA

Should you do it yourself LPA or use a solicitor to make an LPA

How to choose a solicitor to make an LPA

How to decide who to name as your Attorney

Find an LPA solicitor you can talk to

Reasons why you should decide to make an LPA

When you make a Lasting Power of Attorney, you get to make the decisions about your future by appointing trusted family or friends to manage your affairs should you not be able to. You document what you would like to happen to your assets and your medical treatments.

Property and financial

  • Financial affairs
  • PropertyBank accounts
  • Bills

Health and welfare

  • Healthcare
  • Medical treatments
  • End of life wishes

Do it yourself or use a solicitor to make an LPA?

You could make a ‘DIY’  LPA although the risk is that the document is not legally valid. Seeking the guidance of an experienced LPA solicitor provides you with the reassurance of being able to make informed and appropriate decisions in respect of your future.

Your solicitor will be able to answer your questions, make suggestions and provide support when drawing up a document that needs your upmost consideration.

Practical implications to consider including people who live abroad or who may become incapacitated themselves.

Making informed and appropriate choices.

Talking through your own personal circumstances, family requirements, financial situation and wishes for your future. So by using a solicitor it will make you understand the importance of your LPA.

Choosing a recommended solicitor to make your LPA

What about the experiences of other clients? Many solicitors do have knowledge and say they are specialists, but a true indication can be gained from reading client reviews. People tend to be only too happy to pass on good news, want to recommend who they have used to make their own LPA and put forward suggestions to others.

Reading client experiences can help make an informed decision and give confidence to your choices.

Laura & Stephen 5*

We had a really professional and helpful service from Winston Solicitors from Howard Cohen with our Wills and Powers of Attorney. Howard spent time explaining and looking into some complex aspects of the Will that we hadn't anticipated or properly thought through. As a cohabiting couple with a child; it was really important to us that our wishes regarding our estate, Powers of Attorney and inheritance were clearly protected and documented from a legal point of view. We now have peace of mind that we have made adequate provisions for one another and our child. Of course we could have drafted our own documents but getting the right legal advice for us was definitely time and money well spent. We hadn't considered the different aspects of the process fully which Howard took us through. The service we received was great; responsive, friendly, personal and professional. We are more than happy to recommend Winston Solicitors to family friends. Thank you! 

Deciding who to name as your attorney

Think carefully about the person, or people, you choose to be your attorney. Your solicitor will generally recommend that you appoint more than one person to be your attorney.

Together, they would make decisions on your behalf, guided by any wishes set out in your LPA. This may be about managing your finances or your medical wishes, so it is generally advised that you have discussed these matters with your chosen attorneys so that then can make appropriate decision based on your wishes.

Ensuring your LPA is legally registered and valid is vital to ensuring your wishes are correctly carried out.

Talking your options through with a solicitor you can trust

When you are thinking about making an LPA, it is definitely worth talking through your options with a recommended solicitor who you can trust and feel confident will advise and guide you.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you would like.

Ask about costs and fees.

Discuss who to choose for your attorney.

Consider a financial and health and welfare LPA.

It is your future so make sure you are the one who makes the right choices for yourself.

Call Howard Cohen on 0113 320 5000 to discuss making your LPA

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