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Posted on 6 June 2023

D-day Anniversary and survivor guilt

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Today, the 6th June 2023, is the 79th anniversary of D-day. On this day in 1944 allied forces landed on the beaches at Normandy in France altering the course of the second world war. 

Bengy Carey Evans, the grandson of David Lloyd George, was a midshipman on the HMS Enterprise at the age of 18. He is quoted in The Times today as saying “I feel so guilty because I am here”. 
D-Day anniversary: ‘I feel so guilty because here I am’ (thetimes.co.uk)

Carey Evans comments that his role was to spot enemy aircraft and direct his ship’s machine guns and run messages; he remained onboard ship the whole time. He often thinks about the men who died saying “I feel so guilty because here I am, who is nothing like as courageous as them… it’s unfair”

Survivor guilt can affect anyone who suffers a trauma generally in a situation when they experience a life threatening situation and survive, but others do not. 

This also commonly affects siblings who suffer abuse in childhood with the older sibling feeling a sense of responsibility for their young sister or brother. 

There is help in the form of therapy and support groups from Victim Support and a number of medical and charity organisations. 

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