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Posted on 29 September 2023

Mortgage Roulette: Is It the Right Time to Fix Your Mortgage?

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Deciding when or if to fix your mortgage rate feels like a gamble right now. Do you go for black and ride out the uncertain wave or opt for red and fix your mortgage now? The mortgage market has been in a highly turbulent state over the last 12 months at the same time as all households’ bills continue to rise. For most, the largest bill each month is their mortgage payment so many are facing the decision of what to do to keep this payment as low as possible.

How to Future Proof Your Mortgage

All mortgage products are different, with some tracking the current Base Rate, some with a discount off the Base Rate and some with a fixed rate for a certain period of time. The gamble then is what do you opt for now for your first mortgage or what to do next if your mortgage product is coming to an end?

There is still uncertainty over the interest rates set by the Bank of England. However, interest rates on fixed mortgage deals are edging down with some 5 and 10 year fixed below 5%. Further cuts are possible in the short term after the base rate has held at 5.25% this month. Mortgage Lenders have been steadily reducing rates since July 2023 and trajectory of mortgage rates have begun to slow.  

Mortgage Advice from a Conveyancer's Perspective

Having worked as a conveyancer for 20+ years, I've seen the highs, lows and middles of the property market. My advice is be organised in advance and also speak to a Mortgage Broker or your current Lender to see what current products are available. 

Once you are armed with all the information you need, you can then make your decision.