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You can choice your Islamic Divorce Panel

Posted on 1 May 2019

Making choices about your Islamic Divorce Panel meeting

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After dealing with Islamic Divorce matters for many years, I have come to know that the most common worry for my clients is the thought of going to a “meeting” with the Islamic Divorce panel.

Before talking to me, it is not a surprise that clients think the worst. They believe their ex- partner will be at the meeting or that the panel may form an unfair decision against them. Unfortunately such worries are not unjust. There is plenty of negative information available about unethical Islamic Divorce panels - because the truth is they do exist!

What do I say to my clients?

When my clients asks if their worries can become a reality, my response is always “not here at Winston Solicitors”. At Winston Solicitors we use a carefully chosen Islamic Divorce panel who understand the importance of a Muslim woman’s right to request a divorce. We do not use a panel who would force a woman to stay in an unhappy marriage.

Keeping it confidential

A huge advantage for my clients is that they can go to the panel meeting alone without their ex-partner being there. This allows my clients to have the opportunity to be open and honest about their feelings and their own situation. It is in contrast with the majority of panels where parties would be required to attend together.

The advantage of technology

Did you know it is not necessary to attend the panel meeting in person?

This is because Winston Solicitors is one of a small number of firms that has the advantage of arranging the Islamic Divorce panel meeting by video call.

Presenting your case

Once the meeting has started the panel will ask questions and allow an applicant to present her case. The meeting allows my clients to put forward any additional information that is important to their situation.

You have choices when you need to use an Islamic Divorce panel. When you instruct an experienced Islamic divorce solicitor you can be reassured that your panel meeting will be as smooth and simple as you wish.

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