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This calculator has been designed to provide prospective applicants with an rough guide to the likely criminal injuries compensation that they may be entitled to under the CICA scheme which was revised in February 2019.

These calculations are an approximate guide to the amount you might expect to receive - the final assessment of your award is made by the CICA and may well differ. It is strongly recommended that you seek formal legal advice on your claim.

Please note for multiple physical injuries only the severest three will be included in the compensation calculation and the lesser two of those attract a reduced tariff.

To use the calculator please choose an injury type and then click and follow the instructions.

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Examples of CICA Payouts for Crime Victims

Victims of violent crimes in the UK have a government-backed avenue for seeking compensation: the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Understanding the potential compensation is vital for victims considering a claim. This article delves into various examples of CICA payouts, offering insight into what claimants can expect.

Examples of CICA Payouts

Here is a comprehensive list of CICA payout examples, categorizing them by injury type, and corresponding compensation amount.

Injury Type Compensation Amount
Special expenses and loss of earnings £0 - £250,000
Sexual abuse with mental injury £22,000 - £44,000
Sexual abuse without mental injury £6,600 - £22,000
Serious sexual assault £11,000
Minor sexual assault £1,000 - £3,300
Major paralysis £110,000
Loss of sight in one eye £22,000
Severe head burns £16,500
Dislocation of the lens in both eyes £13,500
Detached retina £3,500 - £13,500
Facial scarring - Significant £2,400
Facial scarring - Serious £11,000
Fractured or dislocated hip £2,400 - £11,000
Removal of spleen £11,000
Severe burns £11,000
Minor brain damage £6,200 - £22,000
Disabling mental injury £1,000 - £27,000
Loss of smell or taste £3,500 - £16,500
Dislocated shoulder, with continuing symptoms £3,500
Fractured jaw bone £1,500 - £6,200
Broken arm, with continuing symptoms £3,500
Fractured clavicle, with continuing symptoms £2,400
Moderate damage to legs £2,400
Moderate burns - Torso £2,400
Serious intermittent physical assaults £2,000
Sprained wrists £1,800
Minor head injury £1,500
Loss of front tooth £1,500
Broken big toe with substantial recovery £1,000

This table covers a range of injuries and their respective compensation amounts as outlined by the CICA. Please note that these figures are based on the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme and are subject ot change based on policy updates or individual case assesments.