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Zoe suffered a traumatic sexual assault when both her ex-partner and his friend overpowered her. They had been out for the evening and had all been drinking. They shared a taxi and Zoe decided to sleep on the sofa at the friend’s rather than go home.

Zoe’s ex started saying how much he regretted them breaking up and trying to kiss her. She pushed him off. The two guys together were stronger than her and they used their strength to pin her down; both raped her.

The three of them fell asleep on the sofa. Zoe woke first, she dressed and crept out.

Zoe went to a walk in centre and on telling them what happened, they helped her contact the police. Her support worker suggested she apply for compensation. She was worried about doing it and contacted a firm of solicitors for advice.

Zoe was reassured by the advice she received. She also discovered the case would be dealt with as one application, having been worried she might have to make two, as there were two assailants.

Zoe received £13,500 in compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme and the men who attacked her got criminal records.