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What is it?

A national redress scheme proposed to compensate victims of church-related abuse.

The Church of England Redress Scheme is due to become available to survivors of physical, sexual emotional, spiritual and psychological abuse, neglect and financial abuse with awards ranging from £5000.00 to £660,000.00.

The Scheme is set to be one of the most generous schemes in terms of redress, in that it aims to offer financial, therapeutic, and emotional support for a wide range of abuse.

Although the Scheme is not yet open to claim against, the Church of England have opened an interim scheme for those in dire need.

How does it work?

The scheme is anticipated to run as a 4-stage process:

Stage 1 – Awards between £5000.00 and £150,000.00 to be awarded depending on the category of the abuse.
Stage 2 – aggravating factors will be considered. This could include the length of time the abuse took place – At stage 2, the initial award may be doubled.
Stage 3 – Consideration of an additional payment of up to £250,000.00 when the full impact of the abuse will be considered.
Stage 4 - There will also be consideration (in exceptional circumstances) for an increase of up to 20% of the awards given in stage 1,2 and 3.

As well as offering financial, emotional and therapeutic redress, the Scheme also says it can also offer apologies to those who were victims of abuse.

Who can claim?

Regardless of where you live now, or where the abuse took place. All victims of church-related abuse are encouraged to apply to the scheme.

The scheme is not intended to attempt to “take away” or excuse the abuse that a person has suffered however it is hoped that it will provide an acknowledgement of wrong-doing and help to re-build a person’s life after abuse.

How do I claim?

The Scheme, although not yet open, is anticipated to become available towards the end of this year (2024).

It is set to run for 5 years; however, we believe that it is imperative to the success of your claim to submit this as soon as possible.

If you, or someone you know has suffered abuse at the hand of a member of the Church of England, it’s parishes or Cathedrals, contact our Litigation Specialist’s at Winston Solicitors for a free initial consultation.

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The Interim Support scheme – What is this?

The interim scheme, set up in 2020, has been made available to those who have been most severely effected by the abuse they suffered at the hands of the Church.

It aims to offer financial assistance to those in immediate need.

It can offer and initial payment of £2500.00 and is intended to provide short-term help to those in most dire need.

To apply to the Interim Support scheme, you must be able to show that you have experienced church-related abuse and that you require immediate support, as there is or would be a significant risk to your physical or mental health.

You will also need to show that the difficulties are because of the abuse suffered and that you are unable to receive support from any other organisation.