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Every year thousands of people move home within the Leeds area and, as an approachable, efficient and innovative practice, situated in North Leeds, we are ideally placed to assist in all of your conveyancing needs.

You may be contemplating buying your first home or simply moving along the property ladder. Your requirements could be as an investor on a “Buy to Let” basis or a gift to a loved one through a simple Transfer of Equity.

Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS)

Winston Solicitors is an approved Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) practice.

CQS improves efficiency within conveyancing by applying common, consistent standards and service levels. Consumers can recognise practices that provide a quality, reliable and efficient residential conveyancing service. The Law Society regulates the scheme to ensure high standards in the home buying process and to prevent fraud in the residential property market.

We offer a high quality conveyancing service led by senior specialists who can ensure that your transaction is dealt with in an efficient and professional manner.

The transaction process will be explained in a user friendly way and regular updates will be provided at each key stage of the process.

Our solicitors, who have a wealth of experience, are able to deal with both simple and complex cases comprising freehold, leasehold, registered and unregistered property, helping to ensure that your transaction is dealt with in an efficient and professional manner with updates provided at each key stage of the process.

If you are thinking about purchasing a house see our Stamp Duty Land Tax calculator to see how much tax you might need to pay.

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We will always provide you with a fixed priced conveyancing quote, by email, online or telephone. The price will not alter unless the transaction is different to that which has been quoted. An example might be where the quote is for a property with registered title, but the property actually has unregistered title. We will provide a clear explanation of why there is any alteration to the price.

The average time is six to eight weeks for a sale and eight to 12 weeks for a purchase, but this can vary, depending on the length of the chain involved. The shortest time could be only a few days, if a buyer was purchasing an empty property and had the purchase monies available without needing a mortgage. However, it could take longer than average if there is a long chain and the person at the end is waiting for a buyer to be able to proceed. Your solicitor will keep you fully informed of progress developments.

Your solicitor will fully protect your interests and that of any lender on a purchase, to ensure that no adverse entries arise which could affect the property generally. Such matters would be revealed on the searches and the transaction would not proceed until any issues are resolved.

The cost varies, dependent upon the particular area where the property is being purchased. The total cost of the search pack we provide is £195.00 and the solicitor will request an initial payment to cover the cost of these at the outset, when they are submitted. A seller is no longer required to provide searches.

The general principle is that it is the buyer’s responsibility to be satisfied as to the general condition of a property purchased. Provided a buyer is not misled by the seller, he cannot complain after exchange of contracts and completion as to its condition. If a mortgage is being obtained, a valuer on behalf of the lender will inspect the property, but only usually to ensure that the value of the property is more than the amount borrowed. In practice, the same valuer, on payment of a fee, will carry out a more detailed report, which can be relied upon if you, as buyer, later discover a problem with the property.