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Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) is a government-funded scheme to compensate current and ex-serving members of HM Armed Forces who have suffered illness, injury or death as a result of service on or after 6th April 2005.

The scheme applies equally to all regular personnel of the British Army (including the Royal Gibraltar Regiment), Royal Airforce and Royal Navy and to reserve members of all three forces.

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Compensation is payable, irrespective of fault, across a whole range of circumstances, including operations, training, service-approved sport or when undertaking certain activities to maintain fitness.

There are two main types of compensation payable under the scheme:

  1. A lump sum payment
  2. An ongoing monthly Guaranteed Income Payment (GIP)

Lump sum payments are tariff based and reflect the seriousness of the illness or injury and range from £1,236 - £650,000. A Guaranteed Income Payment (GIP) is awarded in addition to a lump sum payment where the injury or illness has lasting effects and impacts your earnings in terms of salary and pension.

In cases of fatal injury or death, payment can be made to an eligible partner or child, including a Survivors Guaranteed Income Payment (SGIP)

Making an Armed Forces Compensation Scheme claim

The scheme is administered by the Ministry of Defence, through Veterans UK. Your claim will be submitted and we will gather all the evidence required and deal directly with Veterans UK throughout the progress of your application. Veterans UK will assess your application and issue a decision. We will advise you whether the correct level of compensation is being offered and will help you with any application for reconsideration of the decision or Appeal.

There are certain criteria for making an AFCS application. The main ones are listed below:

  • You must be a serving or ex-service member of the UK HM Armed Forces, including reserve
  • The application must be made within seven years of the date of the incident causing/worsening the qualifying illness or injury, but there are exceptions to this rule in the case and provision for applications to be brought out of time
  • The injury, illness or death must have been wholly/partly caused by service on or after 6th April 2005
  • Where ‘partly’ caused the service needs to be the ‘predominant’ cause
  • The injury, illness or death must not have been caused by travel between work and home, a slip or trip, an unapproved sporting activity or social events.

Types of Injuries Covered

A whole range of illnesses, injuries and disorders are covered, including mental injuries. Lists of injuries according to description are grouped together across nine Tables. Each injury has a tariff level of between 1 and 15, with 1 being the most serious.

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Our no win no fee service

Our armed forces compensation team have expert knowledge of the scheme and will ensure that you achieve the highest sum possible for the injury you have sustained.

We do this on a no win no fee basis, which means you only have to pay legal costs if your claim is successful and compensation is awarded. Our fee is usually equivalent to 25% + VAT of the lump sum awarded to you and this will be deducted form the compensation at the end of your claim. If you claim is unsuccessful, you do not have to pay anything. It is that simple.

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