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Sexual assault evidence

Sexual assault compensation is often based on the Police Report and not medical notes. This is because by the very nature of the offence the assault does not show in medical evidence. This is particularly relevant for groping cases. However even with compensation for rape claims, often there isn’t actual medical evidence. It is therefore vital that a full and frank statement is provided to the police, as that statement will often make the difference between the maximum compensation award which is for rape or equivalent penetrative assault, compared to a lower award for non penetrative sex.

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How to complete a CICA application form for sexual assault?

One of the decisions you need to make when claiming compensation for sexual assault, is whether to rely on police evidence only. As already explained there is often better evidence for the CICA to use in the Police Report and therefore medical notes may not be required.

Why does the evidence relied upon to claim sexual assault matter?

It is vital to get this right. On the one hand if you decide to rely on police evidence only, your claim is likely to be dealt with much sooner. On the other, medical evidence may enable you to obtain more compensation. So whilst it will take longer your claim could increase significantly. It is important to speak to a specialist CICA solicitor who will be able to advise on which course you should take. This decision can save months in time waiting for a CICA decision, or increase compensation by thousands of pounds.

How much compensation should I receive for sexual assault?

The CICA tariff sets out 37 different tariffs of compensation for sexual assault. There are 17 different awards for sexual assault on an adult. There are 20 types of award for sexual assault on a child. These awards range from £1,000 to £44,000, with certain levels of compensation only available for child sexual assault. Our CICA calculator offers a guide to what compensation could be paid.

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Why advice helps secure the compensation you deserve

With so many different tariffs and so many different tactics to use to obtain the right compensation. It is highly recommended that you speak to a CICA solicitor specialising in sexual assault claims. They will often act for you on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, so you do not have any legal costs if you are not successful. At a difficult time in your life, professional advice is there for you.

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